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On the Connection Between Neuroscience, Couples Therapy, Enlightenment & Neo-Shamanism

After 55 years of living and seeking I've come to the following conclusion: the truly awakened heart... the untethered soul... aka "those who have found enlightenment" actually DO live on a different planet. That is to say their experience of life is radically different from the average person's. They live in a place that can only be described as "Heaven on Earth". Would you like to live there?

The NeuroScience

We have to start with a little Neuroscience in order for me explain how you too, can achieve this. I'll keep it short.

People who study the brain tell us conscious awareness consumes a tiny fraction of the resources available. That means the massive power of our very large brains is mostly dedicated to "unconscious awareness". So the fundamental question here is this: are you running the 99%, or is the 99% running you? Keep that in mind when we come to the part about Neo-Shamanism.

The brain scientists also tell us that much of this unconscious awareness is emotionally driven, and primarily dedicated to protecting the organism... constantly scanning our environment for threats and danger. It scans for threats to our physical being, our social position and our emotional well being. Keep all that in mind when we get to the part about Couples Therapy, because if you're constantly scanning for threats that you perceive as coming from your partner, you relationship is in serious trouble already.

Emotions are beautiful things, for included among them are things like love, joy, happiness, gratitude, reverence, delight, awe, wonder, contentment, connectedness, and a sense of deep belonging. Keep that in mind when we come to the part about Enlightenment and Heaven on Earth, because if you're able to spend most of your time in these emotional states that's what it feels like.

The big problem with emotions is when they are coming from the unconscious mind -- being caused by triggering, projection or some primal fear of death. That's what it really what it is, isn't it? You're afraid of death, yet you know it's coming and there's nothing you can do about it.

Another problem with emotions is that they usually happen too fast for us to process them in rational, balanced ways. Anger or sadness or any of the other negative emotions can just overwhelm you in an instant. Uncomfortable emotions are something most people avoid it it all possible, choosing instead to shove them down into the unconscious mind, where they ultimately cause much bigger problems.
And right there is the key to the whole thing! Sorry that took so long, but it's not that easy to articulate for a science based people.

If you can slow your emotions down (through meditation for example) you can process them much more effectively and maintain your perspective. When you first begin to practice meditation, you will encounter these uncomfortable negative emotions fairly quickly. In order to make progress you must be willing to sit with each them and discover what lies beneath it. What's more important is what happens if you do this: you can actually change the programming of your unconscious mind, in effect training the sub-conscious mind to scan for miracles instead of threats. This reprogramming is possible because of what scientists call neuroplasticity. It's the remarkable ability of the human brain to form new connections.

Scanning the environment for miracles instead of threats is how the awakened mystic walks in Heaven on Earth. It's because they see the miracles everywhere. These miracles are just as real, just as valid, and just as important as the tragedies of life. In fact, even your death becomes part of the miracle of your life. The difference between the mystic and everyone else is that the mystic has surrendered their ego and given themselves completely to life... they're all in... 100%. Where most people sit on the edge and dip their toe in the water, the mystic dives in head first and starts to play.

Couples Therapy

What's that go to do with couples therapy? It turns out that our brains are also wired at birth for connection and bonding. The first thing a new born baby recognizes is the human face. It instinctively and immediately begins to scan for human faces from the moment it's eyes are all the way open. It literally strives to bond with other people. It's only later in life that we get cynical about love.

As adults, we get over our initial infatuation with a new lover pretty quickly. Some people flee every relationship immediately after the infatuation phase. If you choose to stay beyond infatuation, that's when the most important phase of any relationship actually begins. The key question being asked by the unconscious mind during this phase is simply this: "Can I REALLY trust you... or will you leave me alone in pain when that time comes... because I know that it absolutely WILL come. When I look into your eyes, I need to know for certain that my pain matters to you". We've actually seen couples where one partner will create trouble in a desperate attempt to find the answer to this crucial question.

That's because we all know deep down in our genetic memory of the primeval forest that if we're calling for help, and no one is coming, we're in serious trouble -- and we just might be lost forever. Isn't that what's really eating away at you? Don't you wonder in your darkest moments, "Just how alone am I? Does anyone really care? And what will become of me?"

Before you sink into despair, remember that I've already given you the good news. You were BORN ready, willing and able to bond with others. If you've been so wounded that you've lost that, the good news is that you CAN rewire your brain for connection and joy.

That's right - JOY! True intimacy is totally intoxicating! It's intoxicating because it's really the only thing takes that primal fear of death away and allows you to live in the moment. Emotion is the music of this beautiful dance. By attuning yourself completely to your partner's emotion, you can improvise a beautiful dance together every day. More importantly, you can begin to heal each other's scars, and eventually move beyond survival into creativity. Doing this makes both of you truly alive and truly free.

You're still going to die someday, of course, but somehow finding real love and not having to face everything between now and then totally alone makes it OK. In fact it makes it better than OK. As I've already said, even your death becomes part of the miracle.

Much of what happens during a Sedona couples retreat sounds like this: One partner is hiding in sheer terror that if the other really knew who they are it would be over. They're afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to be seen, and terrified to even look at their own wounds. While they're busy trying to hide, the other partner is crying out in desperation, "I'm totally alone in this relationship and I can't bear it!"

If you think about, the battle they're trapped in, it's literally a matter of life and death for both of them... and it's pure misery. Couples who have been trapped in this battle for an extended period actually exhibit all the signs and symptoms of PTSD. When we deal with couples like that the suffering each is experiencing is a horrible thing to watch. You probably don't want to do this for a living.

Enlightenment & Neo-Shamanism

It turns out that we all possess what I like to call "the inner-Shaman" (aka the soul, higher consciousness, divine awareness) that's capable of holding these insights as we walk through life. More importantly this inner-Shaman recognizes that you're actually a sacred being moving through four dimensional space and time. Neo-Shamanism is about taking full responsibility for your true Divine nature, and learning to manage your energy in the modern world.

The inner-Shaman is able to fully embrace the mysterious energetics of life. What are energetics? If you believe you can pray and that there is any possibility the Universe will shift as a result, then you already believe in energetics. It literally refers to the fact that there is a Universe and there is life within it, even though this is impossible.

There are little miracles and magic everywhere if you allow them. The more you allow them, the more there will be.

Your still going to die someday, of course. And enlightenment isn't something you achieve once and then your done with it. The fear driven ego just doesn't let go that easy. You'll have these "Ah ha!" moments and we resolve to let go of our fear. At such moments you'll feel the exhileration of totally freedom the same way a bird experiences flight. Then you'll freak out, get scared and fall back down again. That's totally normal.

The letting go, the giveaway of egoic self in order to reach for your higher self, begins again every morning. At least it does in the beginning. But as you start spending more and more time living in this Heaven on Earth, the day may finally come when you realize that heaven is a pretty awesome place to live... and you're ready to move in permanently. You'll know you've arrived when someone looks at you and says, "What planet are you living on?"

In the meantime slow down. Work on processing your emotions. And be gentle with yourself along the way.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is Your Marriage On The Fast Track To Divorce: Eight Highly Effective Stategies Guaranteed To Wreck Any Relationship

How Couples Can Wreck Their Relationship In Eight Easy Steps Marriage is, without question, the most important relationship we have as adults, yet they're easily broken and hard to repair. Any marriage can be ruined with amazing speed and almost no effort. To ensure that your marriage descends into genuine unhappiness and ends quickly, merely incorporate the eight easy steps below into your every day interactions.

1. Firmly insist that everything in your lives center around your schedule and interests. Remember that any kind of request from your spouse for an equal partnership is actually excessive self-centeredness on his or her part.

2. Dispense with all sorts of normal courtesy that you'd give a total stranger. Expressing sentiments such as please and thank you will prolong your relationship.

3. Make certain to communicate your irritation when your spouse irritates you, regardless how minor the transgression. Even though your irritation may have been activated by an event absolutely unrelated to your wife or husband, don't allow the reality that he/she had nothing to do with the specific situation keep you from expressing precisely how bothered you are due to their very existence.

4. If there are any children in the marriage they are able to provide excellent leverage. What you need to do is put all responsibility for raising them on your spouse, then be sure you undercut their efforts at each turn. It really is almost impossible to overstate the significance of this step, because there are few things more desirable than an adoring parent or guardian who likes staying involved with their kid. Some partners could possibly be willing to ignore your other negative traits if you just can’t stop yourself from being a great mother or father. If you really want to spoil your marriage don't miss this critical step.

5. If you're a guy, make absolutely no effort whatsoever to make your wife feel like an appealing woman. Do not praise her efforts as a mother, never let her know how much you appreciate the work she puts in to hold everything together and, most importantly, you must never let her feel she is beautiful. Doing any of these foolish things might prolong your relationship substantially.

6. For ladies it really is critically important that you never allow your partner to think of himself as a man with any virtue. You have to grumble constantly and aggressively, equally about what he is and isn’t doing. Make sure you mention his protruding belly and his receding hairline in front of friends and strangers at each and every opportunity. Remember that you are both a martyr for living with him as well as the saint who is saving him from himself. An especially effective strategy is to make subtle remarks about the various other men you might have married, or compare him to more desirable men that could give you the life-style you are worthy of. Keep in mind, if you allow him to believe -- for even a minute -- you are in any respect better off due to being stuck with such a loser, he could possibly try to stay.

7. Put on your war face. While this is not an absolute necessity, it’s very useful if you can convey disinterest, distain, disregard and disgust with a look whenever your partner attempts to focus on anything other than how great you are. When facial expressions alone aren't sufficient to intimidate them, then you have to be willing to elevate things instantly screaming, cursing and name calling. Open, truthful, and respectful communication has no place a marriage on the fast track to failure.

8. Always remember that your degree of excellence and knowledge mustn't be subjected to the fool you married. You’ll never enjoy true joy if you don’t trust in your capacity to replace this idiot with a better version free from the troubles you currently have to endure.

Whether you end up in divorce court, or you merely become roommates who endure one another, it's certain that following all eight of the simple steps explained previously will provide a quick and long lasting resolution to your marriage. In fact, these techniques are so potent that implementing even a couple of them may have the desired impact.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stress Management Techiques For Health And Wellness

Top Stress Management Strategies For Better Health When you consider that stress is almost impossible to avoid in today's modern world, it is critical to your quality of life that you develop skills to reduce stress. After you have a practical system and methods for handling tension, you will see that you'll be able to stay away from the health risks associated with anxiety and lead a life which is considerably more well balanced and enjoyable. The information we will give you below enables you to take back control of your health no matter how demanding it is.

Identify Your Stress Factors

First of all, it's smart to know and understand the personal areas of your life that raise your anxiety levels. When you know what these are, you'll be able to come up with specific stategies to manage stress as well as restore harmony. Worries related to your career, family and finances can easily raise the levels of stress and, when not addressed effectively, begin to have a very negative impact on your physical health and wellness.

Manage Your Time By Setting Healthy Boundaries

One of the best approaches to reduce tension in your each day life is as simple as making some modifications to the way we give to other individuals. Learning to set wholesome emotional limits

in order to ensure other people feel they have got the authority to get rid of their troubles onto you is critically important. There are numerous ways other folks may cause us anxiety, be it by simply constantly discussing negative problems and situations, or simply by always asking us to solve problems for them that we don't have time for. Occasionally you can just restrict your contact with individuals who will almost always be emotionally clingy. In other situations this may not be possible, but you can definitely establish restrictions with regards to what you are willing to tune in to or do for them. In these instances you must get the courage to reclaim your space simply by trying to explain to the other person that you're extremely over-scheduled already, and do not have time to be so significantly linked to his or her life.

Although it's great to help others when you can, there are times when you must figure out how to stay detached from the difficulties surrounding you and accept the fact that there may be just so much you're able to do. There's two times when you should never offer to help. The first is when helping someone else will create a substantial burden for you. If you're going to hate this, then just say no. They'll find someone else to volunteer who has more time than you do.  The second is when you're being asked to do something they should be doing for themselves. Although helping them out might make you feel useful and important, this isn't really truly being of service to the other person. In reality you are just encouraging them to be dependent on you.

Effective control over your time can be a powerful approach to lower stress in your everyday routine. If you feel short on time, you'll usually have higher stress levels, so these factors are usually tightly connected. If you have significant tasks that seem mind-boggling, bust them up into smaller sized elements so you can get things under control again. Establish smaller sized, practical objectives for every single day and create a plan you know is achievable. Often, people feel they'll be able to manage time better simply by multitasking, but in reality the reverse is usually the case, as this causes us to be less capable in the numerous tasks we're focusing on. If you have a job that requires your full attention, focus on that and attempt to avoid conversing on the telephone and reading through email messages until the task is done. If you figure out how to handle your time and energy better, your stress will be drastically diminished.

Don't Forget To Laugh

Remember that laughter is a natural and satisfying strategy to combat tension. Individuals who hold a great deal of anxiety in many cases are humorless and highly driven "Type A" types, and recalling to giggle regularly is an excellent approach to balanced out this. Resolve to spend more of your time among people that like to laugh. Watch comedies in the media, or rent funny DVDs. No matter what type of humor suits you, you'll find it out there somewhere. You might have a stressful job and/or family, however that does not mean that you can't discover a minute here and there every day in order to chuckle. Reducing anxiety is often as easy as a big belly laugh each day.


Eat Well And Exercise

In addition to the strategies already mentioned, getting regular exercise, following a healthy diet plan and creating a daily yoga practice are the most effective ways to release the stress we cannot steer clear of in life.

It is essential to be able to let go of stress, and there are lots of strategies for doing this. What is vital is that you simply look for a stress management system that matches your needs, which might any of the techniques we have described above. In order to feel happier and healthier, discover the areas of your life which are causing tension and discover solutions to keep it in check. If you are seeking a stress reducing vacation that's is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure and send you home with the tools to change your life forever, a wellness retreat in Sedona could be just what the doctor ordered!

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Detox Protocols For Better Health & Wellness

Detox And Cleanse For Better Health
The understanding that harmful toxins accumulate in the body over time, disrupting the body's natural processes and leading to a wide variety of diseases and disorders, has existed for thousands of years. With the advent and proliferation of modern chemistry, the number of harmful toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis has risen significantly. 

We absorb toxins through the food we eat, the water we drink, directly through our skin, and through the air we breath. The products we use are literally filled with many different chemicals that are known to be highly toxic, but nonetheless have been deemed useful by industry for the production, transport or packaging of the products they make. In most cases the amounts we are exposed to are tiny and the body can process the substance out with no problem. 

Unfortunately, some of the toxins we're exposed to are what scientists call "durable" or "persistent", meaning they tend to accumulate in tissues rather than being eliminated through normal means, and that can they remain toxic in the environment for long periods of time, so that even small amounts can build up in the food chain. 

This is why holistic health professionals now say that detoxing and cleansing your body is just as essential as addressing nutrient inadequacies when thinking about your overall health. Your body has seven systems for the removal of harmful toxins: your skin, lung, colon, liver, kidney, bloodstream and the lymphatic system. To ensure that complete detoxing happens, all these systems must be supported. Because they are so heavily involved in the body's natural filtering processes, the liver, kidneys and colon are particularly susceptible to the build up of toxins. 

Detox & Cleansing Treatments

Colon cleansing: An unhealthy diet low in fiber can cause a build up of toxic waste materials on the wall of the colon. In colon hydrotherapy water is used to therapeutically induce elimination. This is accomplished by repeated infusions of warm water into the colon. A mixture of herbs is also used to help removes the feces, along with any unwanted parasites and their eggs via a normal bowel movement. As opposed to chemical laxatives, colon cleansing doesn't promote dependency, and it helps tone the bowel allowing it to operate normally.  

This method is extremely good at freeing your body of harmful toxins and dangerous bacteria. Following the colon cleanse it's important to restore the healthy intestinal flora the body needs for proper digestion and to increase optimal health and wellness. A protocol that incorporates hydrotherapy for colon cleansing starts with two to three treatments over a period of several days to a week. The treatment is then repeated as necessary every three to six months. 

Saunas and steam baths: Bodily wastes are removed through the skin (the body's largest organ) whenever we sweat. During these treatments, steam is used to open the pores. Heat also increases circulation so that harmful toxins are removed from the cells by the lymphatic fluid, which is then released by the lymph system as you perspire.

Nutritional changes and dietary supplements: Some foods, spices and herbs promote the elimination of harmful toxins and should therefore be integrated into the diet regularly.  Minerals and vitamins, particularly those with antioxidant qualities (vitamins A, C, E for example) can assist the body in the elimination of harmful toxins. Cilantro is an example of an herb that helps to chelate heavy metals out of the body.  

Almost all detox and cleansing protocols require adherence to particular nutritional recommendations in order to be effective. Many also involve a few days of fasting and/or juicing. It's important to always drink lots of water during a cleanse, because the kidneys require it in order to operate effectively. Eating a diet high in fiber is another fundamental requirement. The fiber in fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain products, and nuts can help absorb and take away many harmful toxins.

Chelation therapy: This is used specifically to remove heavy metals like mercury and arsenic from the body. Chelating agents like DMSA and EDTA, are administered either orally or intravenously. These agents function by making chemical bonds with metal ions, rendering them much less chemically reactive, The resulting complex is also water-soluble, which allows it enter the bloodstream and be excreted. 

Herbal cleansing programs: Many ancient cultures used herbal treatments for medicine. Among the many medicinal herbs used worldwide, roughly 25 are for cleansing and detoxing. These herbal treatments fall into two groups: those employed for purification and those employed for revitalization. Herbal treatments eliminate the harmful toxins in the organs, while stimulating herbal treatments soothe and strengthen the organs. The most widely used herbal detox formulas involves lemon juice, garlic, cayenne, ginger and turmeric.

Exercise and breathing: Your body is so amazing that the most fundamental thing we do every day -- breathing -- also helps you to remove toxic matter in the cells. Movement is literally the pump for the lymphatic system, which is directly involved in the removal of toxins, and we've already noted above the importance of breaking a sweat now and then! 

Alkaline water: The intake of alkaline water has been shown to offer major health advantages over plain tap water or many brands of bottled water. Alkaline water consists of negatively charged ions that form small molecules, which enables it to move minerals, nutrition and food through cell membranes more easily. It also helps get rid of waste materials, toxins and chemicals. Alkaline water also functions as an antioxidant, reducing cellular damage caused by free radicals. Alkaline water should be consumed every day.

It's important to understand that detoxing the body is a serious undertaking, especially when the techniques being used are those that draw toxins out of organs and tissues into the bloodstream. If the toxins are drawn out into the bloodstream and not quickly eliminated, then they are likely to simply relocate, which is why a healing crisis can actually be triggered by the detox process. The side effects of doing a detox-cleanse can include fatigue, headache, nausea, and diarrhea.  

Always use trained professionals when undertaking a detox/cleanse, and consult with a medical doctor before beginning any course of treatment. Holistic health and wellness retreats like SpiritQuest Sedona, usually offer any a mix of the detox options referred to above, and can consult with you to determine which combination of treatments will work best.

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Spiritual Healing Defined

Spiritual Healing Therapies

Spiritual Healing Therapy At The Dawn Of The New Age

The Investigation Of Spiritual Therapy Is Growing

Increasing numbers of people are embracing "alternative" therapy to traditional Western medicine. One reason for this is that Western medicine excels at dealing with symptoms, but does not handle the cause of the disease. It has also, regrettably has become controlled big business.

One alternative therapy modality that is enjoying a large resurgence is Spiritual therapy, which is concentrated on addressing the underlaying causes of the illness, and significantly less on alleviating symptoms by physical means such as medications and surgical treatment.

What Is Spiritual Therapy?

Spiritual healers feel that all sickness, and even physical injuries, have Spiritual causes. Until the trigger is remedied, therapy of the signs and symptoms will be a waste of time. While spiritual healing is nevertheless an alternative approach, but even staunch supporters of the allopathic approach have confessed that phenomena such as spontaneous healing, spontaneous remission and other ”unexplainable outcomes” have occurred.

Contemporary health care practitioners and scientists are nevertheless baffled as to how this is attainable... but with the ongoing research of quantum physics, the answers are now starting to come.

The Mind... Body... Soul Link

The mind, body, soul dynamic operates on the basic principle that all things are made of energy, and different types or characteristics of energy have the capability to positively or negatively have an effect on the encompassing energy field.

A patient's frame of mind can be the difference between a positive outcome and a extended, drawn-out disease. The condition of the body likewise influences the patient's emotional condition so gaining mastery of the mind and making use of the energy of good thoughts is essential to healing.

But Spiritual Healing Goes Mcuh Deeper.

The success of therapy by way of Spiritual means depends on the patient's perception that we are a portion of the Universal Lifeforce, not at all different, but part of the vast sea of energy that produced all that exists. The individual is taught to search inside of himself for the cause of his or her disease or injury rather than attributing it to external causes. The very first step in spiritual therapy is training the patient to modify his or her false notion of separateness from the Divine Consciousness. It teaches that each and every one of us has the same Divine potential as the Universal Consciousness to produce nearly anything, including excellent well being. This One-ness with all that is results in a spiritual awakening, which is typically accompanied by spontaneous healing.

Ideal Well Being
The goal is to develop a vibrant state of health by means of One-ness and acceptance of our Divine character. Spiritual healing does not count on a "higher power" to heal. It is One-ness with that energy of Universal Consciousness that offers us the very same powers - except we are, for the most part, blind to that capacity or refuse to believe it.

Envision yourself as a single drop in an limitless ocean that has no starting point, no end, no surface, and no bottom...

  • Where do "you" begin and end?
  • Where does the "sea" begin?
  • How do you differentiate one drop from the rest of the ocean?

Considering this assists you recognize your One-ness, and the fact that you have the exact same energy as the ocean. YOU have the power to cure yourself and others. Spiritual healing started in the distant past by Shamans and medicine men and carries on today. Numerous types of distance therapy correspond to the various stages of Spiritual consciousness and comprehension of the Spiritual healer. There are two major kinds of knowing based on truth, which is either absolute or relative.

The distance healer works with the chi, prana, or meridian lines and occasionally utilizes the human energy field. The meridians and chakras are a portion of Spiritual healing. We understand from quantum psychics that all things are relative to the universe in power and all things are unified one way or another. Distant Spiritual therapy has an effect on our energies whether or not we are a couple of ft away or 1000's of miles.

Diverse terms are used to identify distance therapy interventions that consist of intercessory prayers, non-directed prayers, energy therapy, and Reiki amongst others. Each of these phrases is employed to explain a specific type of therapy be it biological or psychological.

Distance Healing Defined

Distance healing constitutes a broad array of methods, primarily based on ancient traditions. It occurs throughout all religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism as wells as others. The most common types of Spiritual healing are prayer and meditation. Some of the procedures concentrate attention on particular conditions while others emphasize producing a exceptional atmosphere for healing. Basically all therapy techniques focus on alleviating the patient’s condition and increasing their overall well-being.

Conditions Treated With Distance Therapy

There are different ailments that are taken care of using distance therapy. These are addressed using various techniques dependent on the healers' orientation. Most distance Spiritual healers deal with issues from a Spiritual instead of a health care perspective and hardly use the terminology of condition to illustrate a condition. They also do not claim to heal medical illness but produce a beneficial environment for therapy.

Spiritual therapy focuses mainly on creating an atmosphere for well-being and that catalyzes an individual’s general therapy method. The technique is aimed at rebalancing the body's techniques in collaboration with other telepathic therapies.

The Usefulness Of Distance Healing
Studies suggest that Spiritual therapy is advantageous to an individual's wellness. Some scientific reports have also demonstrated they have therapeutic effects. A lot of healers suggest that Spiritual therapy be recognized as one facet of an overall and integral model wherein numerous therapies are utilized to treat a sickness.

Several ways are utilized to cure various illnesses, even so the general result is dependent on the individual’s faith. Some healers function by altering the physical reality in which Spiritual therapy will come about. Spiritual healers feel that it takes the energy of the mind to deliver the non-local transfer of beneficial energy that facilitates the healing.

The western world has only begun to understand Spiritual therapy recently, while in the east it began hundreds of years in the past. This form of healing complements typical treatments alongside of other natural therapies, such as aroma therapies. This permits a holistic treatment that is achieved through natural Spiritual power, popularly identified as prana or chi, thus enabling comprehensive recovery from stress related diseases and accidents. This is typically utilised to treat serious illnesses like chemotherapy or radiation and assists minimize the patient's recovery time period.

How The Healing Is Conveyed

The Spiritual healer gets the power which he or she directs via his consciousness to the clients. This energy can movement via the hands over a distance to the affected individual. Some Spiritual healers may use the “laying of hands” on patients' afflicted elements. For example, a individual who is possessing migraine headaches or despair will be laid hands on the head. This act clears the blockages that are avoiding a clean movement of power from the heart to the head, that may possibly be creating the depression or complications.

Often the individuals attending the courses have their primary understanding and comprehension of Spiritual healing broadened profoundly. Whether or not one believes it or not, this kind of healing proceeds to grow into a much more popular and complementary type of remedy.

SpiritQuest is now offering workshops and classes that are ideal for healthcare professionals and alternative practitioners wanting to integrate spiritual principles into their practice. The SpiritQuest School For Integrated Alternative Healing consists of over 60 hrs of course work conducted in beautiful Sedona, AZ.

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Spiritual Growth & Awakening

What is Spiritual Growth?

What is spiritual growth? What motivates a person's desire for spiritual awakening? Many are trying to answer these questions as our globe hovers on the brink of financial collapse and environmental change.

The instant of spiritual awakening occurs when you truly grasp for the first time that you are an immortal, spirit being. This is the miraculous moment of rejoicing, after which nothing will ever be the same as it was.

You might have had a terrifying minute when you were a small youngster. Did you ever wonder about ghosts, or spirit beings? Strangely this might have been the 1st time you imagined the world of spirit... and your first spiritual enquiry!

When we discuss the topic of 'Spiritual Growth' I feel that we have a hidden memory of being in a soul form ourselves - before being born. And our longing to return to this aspect of the self drives our curiosity about spirituality.

Spirituality teaches us to turn into far better individuals. Metaphysical development has much less to do with how much you can improve your daily life and a lot more about letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. Metaphysical enlightenment is like delicately pulling away the layers of the onion until we get to the essence of our soul. Your most authentic beauty lies at your core. It is the attractiveness of your heart and soul, which is pure unconditional love. Discovering our pure genuine self calls for stripping away the surface levels of who we believe we are.

Self-mastery enables us to actually see the viewpoints and behaviors that require to adjust, or be dropped, so we can grow to be a lot more aligned with our spiritual ideals and spiritually remodel ourselves into a content, a lot more authentic, compassionate being. Authentic metaphysical development is born from the effort and determination to turn out to be self-mindful.

Genuine Spiritual Growth HAS NO Rules

An exciting characteristic of true spiritual inquiry is that it usually does not conform to external frameworks or methods. In my expertise your evolution in your spiritual enlightenment is not bound by any religious structure.

Thus your early discussions about metaphysical enlightenment with family may have been guarded, as you were delving into unknown territory.

Many people choose to employ a spiritual framework for their spiritual growth. My personal viewpoint is that outside of all religions something much bigger calls the deepest element of you to search for understanding.

YOUR Metaphysical Starvation IS Real

Your hunger and longing are genuine - and it can be satisfied. Inside your brain and higher wisdom (that you may possibly not even be in touch with yet) are facets of you that come from the world of spirit. From my expertise over a number of years, we all originate from that higher spirit realm. Even though you are human, it is this soul consciousness, infinite, wise and divine beyond understanding that is longing to rediscover its origins.

Metaphysicalgrowth is the hunt for your accurate Greater divine . Consider for a moment the parable of Nasrudin…

A friend was going for a walk near Nasrudin's home one night and happened to see Nasrudin on his hand and knees looking frantically in the underneath the street light in his front yard. The friend asked Nasrudin as to what he was looking for. Nasrudin said he was looking for the keys to his house. So the friend began to help in the search. After a while, the friend questioned Nasrudin about exactly where he misplaced the keys. Nasrudin replied absently "I was near the bushes beside my house" and then continued his frantic search. His friend was puzzled. "If you lost the keys over there, then why are we seeking here instead? Nasrudin said impatiently "Because there's a street lamp here. It is quite dark over there near the house".

Like all the best teaching tales, this one uses humorous doorways into the wisdom we require in order to help us in awakening our thoughts from the illusions that put us to slumber and maintain us unaware of our genuine self.

When we look for for authentic spiritual transformation and real metaphysical awakening inside of the beliefs and rituals of religion, or look for pleasure in the material goods of the physical dimension, it implies we are behaving like Nasrudin, we are choosing to look in the place where there appears to be a lot of light.

Regrettably, it’s still the wrong place! Joy and genuine spiritual growth need bravery... the courage to look into the shadows and darkness that dwells within our personal psyche... the bravery to turn out to be a self-informed person.

Only by means of self-awareness will we find what we are looking for. Spiritual transformation, genuine metaphysical understanding, and genuine contentment are nourished and fed "only" by means of the roots of self-actualization. With out the insights and wisdom that come from self-recognition, our happiness and our spirituality will remain stunted.

When we are willing to grow into a more self-conscious person in regard to the ideas and thoughts, as well as the karma we are projecting onto the outer entire world, we will start to see who we "really" are... not the person we like to "think" we are or the particular person we'd "like" to be.

Over time, assuming we are willing to continue this spiritual practice of having to pay attention without self-judgment, we will begin to see "why and how" we learned how to think, feel, and behave the way we have for so many years. Self-recognition also makes it possible for us to see how our ideas and feelings come and fade away.

Who we "are", the element which doesn’t change from minute to minute, is merely our pure observing consciousness... that transcendent, everlasting, indescribable perception of "I am".

Looking into the darkest part of our psyche permits us to see equally realities... the transient element of us that adjustments from moment to second, and the transcendent component of us that is radically eternal and unchanging.

Self-actualization is a metaphysical practice that allows us to consciously unhook from the ego-centered consciousness that is continually changing and generating the conflict and disease we encounter in daily life, so we can join with the transcendent "observer" component of us that defines our correct self.

Connecting with our correct "self" is a metaphysical transformation which is only achievable when we have the courage to turn into deep self-mindfulness... to really look into the terrifying shadows and darkness within us. When we gather that courage, we will see an similarly frightened and primitive inner child looking up to us.

The easiest way I have discovered to start the path leading to spiritual understanding is by the use of the concept of surrender. Spiritual awakening is awakening in your surrender to Spirit as it conducts its strategy in your daily life. The more you surrender to the Divine unfolding of your life the more you will develop spiritually.

Awakening Spiritually Makes You Calm

When this spiritual awarenss transpires in your daily life you turn out to be tranquil amidst the anxiety in life. The reason for this is because youare more and more self-confident that anything is turning out in your best interest. As a result you no longer worry, but you go about your business being aware that you will succeed in what ever you undertake below the route of this Spirit.

The principal issue that you need to do if you are seeking for spiritual awareness is to accept that there are greater powers that have have an effect on the life you are living. You must know that you are not in this alone and that in order to find your way through it all you need is to hook up with your higher self and permit it to guide you on your route.

We like to believe that we are in overall command and that we call all of the shots. The reality is that when people attempt to do just that they are miserable and usually not able to describe why. They turn to medicines and alcoholic beverages to mask the ache and fill the void in their lives.

Spiritual development, and the desire for it, I feel, is something innate within human beings. There is something in each one of us that pushes us onward. Some people, do, however, create the hunger for spiritual and personal awareness more than other individuals. On the other hand, other individuals appear to suffocate this natural want, or allow circumstances to smother the burning flame inside.

This is tragic, for spiritual awareness in this time have turned into a solid social movement, and this facilitates any individual who has an inclination to improve himself. We have constantly had religions, of course, which have channeled and nurtured spiritual development, but the mushrooming of personal growth publications, retreats and seminars has produced a innovative shift in consciousness in the latter 50 years.

Letting go of our egoic self is normally the very first pre-requisite to metaphysical evolution. It is also the most unpleasant. Our ego not seeking to give up its place of defending us and creating us feel crucial, will normally go kicking and screaming.

The method of breaking down and releasing the egoic self can be a painful and humbling experience to say the least. It really is when we can drop our ego and recognize our relationship with our divine source that we begin to realize how really particular we are. It's our soul relationship we are attempting to obtain.

Letting go of attachments is also plays a massive part in spiritual awakening. As we release our attachments to individuals, places, and material items that no longer serve us we bcome free to adopt a daily life of peace and simpleness. Releasing attachments generates space for much more love and joy to occur into our life. Letting go means listening to your soul and following your special path.

Relationships usually have to go as we evolve spiritually. If you are on a distinct route than your partner or important other, or your rifts are increasing deeper and broader, it can be necessary that you let them go. The same is true for buddies and loved ones that are toxic or not supportive.

As we grow spiritually we crave much more peace and harmony and select to be with people who can enjoy us unconditionally, support us, and take us for who we are. Spiritual growth occasionally means syaing goodbye.

It's not unusual for people on the metaphysical quest to move away from harmful work and poisonous environments to pursue a lifestyle of enthusiasm and simpleness. Living a daily life of spiritual wonder gets to be a priority. Expressing our inventive power is vital for spiritual awakening and personal pleasure.

As you expand you must also let go of restricting beliefs, psychological wounds, resentments, and blocks that keep you back. Forgiveness is vital to spiritual development. Knowing that you have almost infinite potentail, releasing judgments and resentments, and releasing your past will propel you forward on your route to metaphysical evolution.

Metaphysical growth is like the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly. The process might be distressing, but as soon as you get through it you will become like a butterfly, beautiful, mild, and totally free.

Spiritual understanding takes time. It is a procedure that demands endurance, commitment and focus. Some may possibly grow swiftly while other individuals might need more time. SpiritQuest Retreats in Sedona was founded to provide both the space and the container within which couples and individuals and reach for their higher self and experience a profound transformation.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Key To True Happiness & Inner Peace

The Key To True Happiness And Inner Peace True happiness lies in authentic self-knowing. As humans we are conditioned to identify with a false sense of "self" through material items like: social status, jobs, parenthood, relationships, and even hobbies. We take on labels associated with each role and eventually begin to identify our sense of self with the label. 

Wife, mother, tennis player, photographer, real estate agent... all of these are merely labels for our external activities. While we think they define who we are, each is something that can, for one reason or another, be lost or taken away in life, and when they are a serious identity crisis almost always follows.

Rather than creating true happiness, our socially conditioned identities always become a form of bondage and a source of stress by distracting us from ever really knowing ourselves.

The human condition is something that is difficult to break free of in the best of circumstances. So we ease our pain, fear and confusion with distractions. We fill our days with the quest for material things, and in doing so, fail to allow ourselves to be truly quiet. Yes, life is difficult and demanding. We have things we must do. We are fathers, mothers, workers, bill payers and through all this responsibility we often lose ourselves.

If you look at children, they have an un-jaded sense of reality. They explore the world in fearless curiosity, often putting their parent in panic. But as we age we lose this sense of creative engagement and progressively spiral downward into fear and judgment. We become increasingly critical of ourselves as well as others.

How can we strip away the story line that we tell ourselves: this is who I am; this is what happened to me; I am a victim? These are all things we tell ourselves to explain the story of our lives. We stop questioning and just accept a life that is chaotic and stress filled.

The only way to get clarity and true peace of mind is to get in touch with with Spirit, and the only way to do that is take the time and space for quiet reflection. Taking a spiritual retreat is one of the most courageous things you will ever do, because you'll step out of your comfort zone and really dig through all of the "things" that have defined who you are.

The treatments SpiritQuest has cultivated will open you up and shift your perception. Slowly you'll start to be introduced to authentic yourself. You won’t have the cell phone on the hip and deadlines to make. You'll be gently guided into the most beautiful place you could ever image... the deep peace and profound wisdom that's always there in your own heart.

On a spiritual retreat you will start to grasp that seamless wonder and fearless excitement you once had as a child. The exceptionally gifted practitioners at SpiritQuest will hold your hand and help you start honoring yourself again. You'll begin to have real substance in your life, away from all the exterior things that defined you up to now.

This is a life-changing opportunity to discover an unlimited source of inner peace and happiness free of all thought forms; a source that can be carried with you everywhere and which can never be taken away or lost.

Contentment and comparison never occupy the same mind. Simply put, we teach the skills necessary to quiet the judging mind and be content in any circumstance. By the end of this experience you'll start to feel a brand new sense of ease and trust, awakening in a deeper consciousness of your true self.

Unhappiness is really your ego playing tricks on you. The ego convinces you that you are not good enough, you don’t deserve it, you hate certain things or certain people, but all of those are lies that hold you hostage. The very qualities you distain most in others are almost always aspects of our own shadow self. We mirror each other and it’s your ego making the illusion that fuels that type of thinking. It’s your movie, and you are the projector, and it’s your choice, what are you going to do?

We know that it's possible to break free of bad habits, break free from stress, and break free of self-hatred because we've done it... and we've helped thousands of others do it also.

Are you ready to step into the light? Are you ready to seriously question the reasons and beliefs that have been holding you down? What's at stake is the discovery of who you truly are. There is so much beauty in the world and it’s all around us. It’s in the simple quiet things that we never see. Come to a place of serenity and ease. You'll finally meet the powerful and amazing person that you are!